Eternal Husbands

by Eternal Husbands

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demos, works in progress, finished songs.


released February 26, 2013


all rights reserved



Eternal Husbands Montreal, Québec

Eternal Husbands are Matt Leddy and Rick Reid. They have been playing music together for a dozen years or so, nearly half their lives. Songs with noise, melody, longing, mystery, melancholy and joy. All instruments played by the Husbands, recorded in Montreal apartments. Inspired by Terrence Malick, Dostoevsky, Kate Bush, Neil Young, John Cassavetes, Sigur Ros, and other beautiful, true things. ... more

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Track Name: The Last Station
It was on the back of a motorcycle at dusk. In the dusty breeze and a 12 year old was driving us. Through the muddy streets and human waste. Put me on a plane. I won't speak your name until I'm home again. Put me on a train I'll repeat your name until I'm home again.
Track Name: Halifax (demo)
Victoria is smiling because she's just done it,
a thing she does once a day
compliment a stranger in passing on the street
just loud enough so they can hear:
"That dress is so 60's Catherine Deneuve."

She grew up in a city that's beautiful and crumbling
corruption is the common language
follow the St. Lawrence to the port of the Atlantic
bitter winds howl in corridors
Nova Scotia in november

Victoria is crying because people seem so sad
in so many different ways
huddling in doorways, dejected cigarette breaks
the fleeting light drains away
bus stop waiting in bitter dark

Victoria is naked in her perfect bedroom
she reads aloud from 'The Favourite Game'
christmas lights in Parc Lafontaine
the melancholy
mysterious feels forever

keep pushing east. Halifax.
Track Name: Stranger in the Graveyard
I half expected you to stay there
send for your whiskeygirl and your favourite jacket
simple, enticing to realize you are free to do as you please
can't disappoint those who do not know you exist

if you met a stranger - say in a graveyard
you got to talking just passing through
you told the story of these past years
would you embellish, outright lie or tell the truth
'cause you feel you are a good story, just like a one night stand
you want to impress

you shouldn't be uneasy when you're alone
you shouldn't be scared on account of you're by yourself
the blackest thoughts hold vital questions
find out what you need without anyone else's help
they don't care I don't mean that in a bad way
they are screaming too

I 'll tell you this - a bit of courage
goes a long way to getting younger
just embrace all that deteriorates
smile at the anaesthetist before you go under
you have morphine and your mother loves you just because
you're you

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